Hottest Brown Highlights for Brunettes

Changing your natural hair color into another shade isn’t so easy. That’s why many prefer to highlight their hair with light or darker hues. If you are a natural brunette who loves her hair color and just wants to highlight its prettiness then this article is special for you. Here you will learn the best brown highlights for brunette hair to use whenever you seek for a bit of change. What else you need to embrace your shade? Of course, a lighter or darker brown hue that adds extra-shine and depth.brown highlights 2017Shiny Light Brown Highlights

In order to make your hair shinier and lighter you can go for this easy update. Try a shade of light brown that is relatively close to your natural shade. Place the highlights all over the top and face framing parts of hair. Keep the balance to look as natural as possible. Avoid overdoing as it can make your hair light brown instead of a combination of dark and light hues. Highlights will add texture and visual thickness to your hair.Shiny Light Brown Highlights 2017Caramel Brown Highlights

When it comes to caramel highlights, you get limitless possibilities to create an awesome shade.  Because caramel is a mixture of the warm brown and blonde you get a warm and light combination as a result. Besides, caramel brown is a great idea when mimicking to a matching solution for your complexion.

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