Different Shades of Brown Hair Color

After the popular blonde shades, we meet the mysterious and hot brown hair colors with all their light and dark shades. While blondes seem to be very feminine, brunettes are just hot and too attractive. There is something very glamorous and capturing in each long haired brunette. Man go mad with those stunning and incredible ladies. If you have decided to switch up a new look with a new brown hair color then keep on reading to discover the best of best.brown hair colors 2017Light Golden Brown Hair Color

Lately hairstylists and professional hair colorists tell that the tendency of wearing the modern light golden brown hair color is increasing day by day. Today we meet women in natural-looking light brown hair colors, which have a kind of healthy and cool shine in them. What is this? Well it can’t be their natural shade, but it looks really natural. So, if you want to make your hair shinier and healthier, then go ahead with a light brown hair color.light golden brown hair color 2017Chocolate Brown Hair Color

Many brunettes enjoy the beauty of the rich chocolate brown hair color as their natural hue. But those who seek for thicker-looking locks as well as the mystery of the sweet darkness, opt for the latest chocolate brown tint taking examples from stylish brunette celebrities. Chocolate brown is one of the best brunette shades that compliments both light and dark complexions and makes light green or blue eyes pop out fantastically.  

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