Dark and Light Brown Hair Ideas with Highlights

It doesn’t really matter you have natural brown shade or not, since you can always upgrade it with modern highlights. Brown shades are pretty common since women with all skin tones can experiment with them. There are numerous color blends and patterns that can be used to create a magnificent hairdo. Whether you prefer light or dark shades you will definitely find something among brown hues. If you need some inspiration then have a look at these brown hair ideas with highlights and get inspired from.  Light and Dark Brown Hair with Highlights Light Brown Locks

Hand painting dye job guarantees an excellent look. You can never go wrong with your hair color, if you choose a right technique of introducing it throughout your strands. In this design the strands have a black base hue and they are hand painted in an ombre design. It requires transitioning from light to dark brown. However the straight locks also add a touch of tenderness to the design.light brown locksPartial Highlights

If you have virgin hair, you can experiment with any shade you desire. For the beginners partial hair highlights are the best option. In this picture you can see that the locks look very healthy and shiny. To replicate this look you need to introduce golden brown highlights to your virgin hair. If you want to demonstrate the beauty of this color combination, pushing your strands back will be more than enough.Partial HighlightsCaramel Blowout Waves

Caramel is the sweetest tone that will add some class to your brown locks. The shade is hand painted to create some beautiful highlights but it also blends into the brown to create a lovely tone. Apart from a gorgeous color mix, the hair has an excellent volume and waves that are added to finish the look.Caramel Blowout WavesBrown Hair with Blonde Streaks

When you think of hand painted highlights, the hair length becomes non-important, since these excellent highlights work well with all hair types and lengths. Here, the shoulder-gazing strands have a nice choppy cut and a perfect tone that comes from blending some light blonde streaks into a natural brown hair. To finish the look, give your locks a carefree look.Brown Hair with Blonde StreaksDark to Light Brown Ombre

These strands are charming since they have a beautiful transition from dark to light brown. These tones provide the hair with lovely texture and dimension. For styling you will need to brush out the curls to make the style fantastic. This modern look can be worn by all ladies, so if you are looking for something sparkling then this is the best option for you.Dark to Light Brown Ombre

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