Breathtaking Brunette Balayage Hairstyles

Ask your hair colorist to place some rose gold peek-a-boo highlights here and there. It is a low-maintenance color combo that doesn’t require regular touchup.Ash Brown Hair Highlights 

Those who are eager for darker shades, need to consider ashy highlights. The best sample would require a transition from ash to blonde tones. It is a great idea for those that are looking to take baby steps in hair color transformation. The best thing about this dye job is that these highlights don’t require seeing your hair colorist frequently. Feel free to rock the look whenever you want. Deep Brown Balayage and Long Hairstyle 

The brown hair color also can provide you with a sophisticated hair look. This design features bangs and layers, but the hair hint is the most impressive. It is natural chocolate brown that is absolutely no-maintenance. This is one of those few cases that we can say that both the color and haircut are right chosen. It is a flawless hair look that is worth trying. 

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