Balayage Hair Color Trend for 2016/2017

Balayage hair color trend has been around for a while and it seems as if this is the next biggest hair color trend for 2016/2017. It is requested not only among celebrities but also in common salons. In order to get some professional idea on which is the real balayage you can keep on reading and follow the steps offered by professionals.balayage hair colors 2017What is Balayage?

Many are in interested in this question because balayage is a natural-looking yet so sophisticated hair color both for blondes and brunettes. Actually it’s a French word meaning to paint of sweep. This means that your hair colorist is supposed to opt for a special technique of hair coloring/painting to provide you with the perfect balayage hair color. It is a sun-kissed light brown hair color with lighter highlights on. The principle is to create a natural-looking, soft and subtle hair color similar to what nature gives us as children.balayage hair color dark 2017Balayage is generally applied on the surface of hair instead of section-by-section until the very tips. Otherwise you will get a common highlighted hairstyle. In this case no foil or any kind of meche is used to get the highlights soft highlights. Instead your stylist may even use his/her won fingers while coloring hair. It is something different and far from the traditional hair coloring techniques.

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