Dramatic Hair Color Ideas to Try this Year

What do we mean when we say a dramatic hair color? Many of you dye your locks in tradition and common hair colors, but some prefers bolder and edgier looks. If you are a kind of woman who is fond of new adventurous and creative changes then dramatic hair colors are perfect for you. They are the most extravagant shades that look unnatural yet so eye-catching. Though there are zillions of ideas of dramatic hair colors but I am here to represent to you the most fashionable options. Let’s start!bold hair colors 2016 2017Two-Tone Hair Color

Not all two-tone hair colors are bold and edgy but this one is a real combo of unnatural shades. Though the chosen hues are light and soft but they create a flashy and bold look. Such hair colors are amazing for ladies with light complexion and naturally light hair color. You will keep your natural shade but will add an amazing charm with the help of another hair color at the same time.two-tone hair color 2017Turquoise Hair Color and Short Haircut

Short asymmetrical haircuts give us the incredible opportunity to play with various hairstyles and hair colors. Here you see a stunning short asymmetrical haircut styled into a lovely crimped hairstyle. The haircut looks so soft because of the combined shade. It’s the marine turquoise hair color, which reminds us of the subtle green-blue combinations. Being such a cute hair color, it tends to add a dramatic touch to your entire style.

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