Coolest Midnight Blue Hair Colors Spotted on Instagram

We are still obsessed with pastel hues as they are stunning all the way up. Today we are more fascinated by the moodier takes on the colorful coifs. All midnight-blue manes inspire us to take the plunge and jump on the rainbow bandwagon. The beauty of this hair color is that you can customize it to perfectly flatter your skin tone: the more black that is in the blend, the more complimentary it is to all complexions. However, cool-skinned-girls need to add a bit more blue- based for a salter-y indigo shade. Check out these coolest midnight blue hair color that we spotted on black hair colorsBlack Blue Hair Color

Yes, this superb color combo has been spotted on Instagram. It has been created by mixing dark and blue tones together. If you are a brunette and you have never had an intention to lighten up your locks, you will appreciate this rich shade. However, blue-black tones are powerful enough to add dimension and depth to the strands. The advantage of rocking this combo, is that you are not going to damage your strands too much.Black Blue Hair Color  Blue Hair Highlights

There are countless options to rock blue shade. It is not necessary to go all over blue when you can have an eye-catching hair color even with several structurally placed hair highlights. Just have a look below, to understand what I mean. Delicate matte blue highlights are added to the mid part of the locks creating a dip-dye effect. It is still a bold and edgy hair look, that is worth trying.Blue Hair HighlightsMelted Blue Black Hair Color

Indeed, the technique of applying the shades is pretty much important. To get the following look, hair colorist used a color melting technique. The shades are blended into each other to create a flawless style like this.

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