5 Shades of Blue Hair Color

Blue is an extraordinary color for hair but the statistics show that many more women are interested in this awesome hair color, which has many light and dark tints. In order to stand out from the crowd you do lots of things, changes and innovations in your look. What about the hair color? Perhaps you are tired of the same dull and natural shade and seek for something more interesting and eye-catching. Check out these 5 blue hair colors to try in the nearest future.blue hair colors 2017Blue Black Hair Color

I generally start representing hair colors form the lightest to the darkest but this time I decided to start the top list of blue hair colors with the darkest and the most eye-catching shade. It’s the dark blue black hair color which looks like a real black shade in darkness and a dark blue hair color in lightness. Doesn’t this sound attractive? Well, the many shades of blue may look like real blue hair color but only the mysterious blue black is a combination of dark and deep hues. It is a great hair color for women with light to dark complexions and goes well both with black and blue eyes.blue black hair colorPurple Blue Hair Color

In spite of being a dark purple and blue combination this hair color is amazing with pale skin tones and looks perfect with purplish and blue eyes. It also goes well with black eye hues and never leaves you out of attention. Take an example from Katy Perry who is a big fan of purple and blue hair colors. She often grabs attention with her vibrant hairstyles, which display the interesting nature and character of this stylish girl.purple blue hair colorBaby Blue Hair Color

Even in light shades, blue can sparkle with a vibrant effect and a bright attractiveness. This is the popular baby blue hair color that has an amazing charm in it. It works with pale to medium skin tones and compliments light eyes. Such acute hair color is best reflected on wavy and curly hairstyles, sometimes it looks like a cotton candy shade on tight curls.baby blue hair colorTurquoise Blue Hair Color

The greenish blue hair color also called turquoise comes up with a variety of effects and hues. That is why many love with and try to create a mixture of cute shades. It is either dark or light but the main effect is a kind of greenish or marine. So, you can get a reflection of two-tone hair color with the help of the cool turquoise hair color.turquoise blue hair colorPastel Blue Hair Color

And last but not least, we have the light pastel blue hair color for you. This peaceful and ethereal shade is too soft and subtle. It compliments light blue eyes and goes well with pale complexions. The silver-y touch and the stunning shiny lightness of this hair color perfectly highlights your femininity and cuteness.Pastel Blue Hair Color

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