Top 5 Balayage Hair Colors with Highlights for 2017

Balayage Hair Color for BrunettesSilver Balayage

This style is perfect for any girl who loves experimenting with her hair color ideas. This messy balayage offers the best of the look. It features a dark blonde on the top and light icy blonde at the bottom. This sombre is paired with amazing waves to make the tones through even more vivid. Messiness is the key to this outstanding style.Silver BalayageBrown to Caramel Ombre Balayage

Caramel is the best combination for brown hair. Faded caramel tones for brunettes are just gorgeous and nothing more. You can use your creativity to get the style in the best way. We highly recommend you using blonde highlights to tie the brown and caramel tones together and enhance this hair color. Sport this color on your short or long tresses.Brown to Caramel Ombre BalayageSun-kissed Balayage for Brunettes

Brunettes are in love with sun-kissed balayage hair highlights. Here is a sun-faded look that is just fabulous. In case if you have blue eyes and cool skin tone don’t think twice before adopting this hairstyle for you. Sun-kissed highlights are amazing on medium to long hair. It is a style that you should definitely consider trying right now. Luckily, it is low – maintenance hairstyle.Sun-kissed Balayage for Brunettes

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