Stunning Highlights for All Hair Colors

From the lightest to the darkest shades of the rich hair color pallete there are great and stunning hair highlights for all hair colors. If you think that highlights are meant only for dull, carefree blondes or sun-kissed and warm brunettes you need to unlock the interesting and appealing world of the best hair highlights. Highlights are meant not only for additional change or charm, but also for more attractiveness and healthy look for hair. Whatever your hair color and highlight history it’s the high time to think of revisiting some of them with another innovative prettiness.highlights for all hair colors 2017Highlights for Platinum Blonde Hair

Though platinum blonde hair is very trendy but when you are tired of it, you want to refresh it with highlights. Which shades go well with platinum blonde hair? Marco Pelusi, owner of Pelusi Hair Studio in West Hollywood, says that darker shades of platinum blonde like ash blonde are great for light platinum hair. Ash blonde makes hair shinier and the base color richer.Highlights for Platinum Blonde HairHighlights for Light Blonde Hair

Flaxen blonde or light blonde is a natural-looking hair color and stylists usually recommend to add such highlights which will never take away the natural touch of this hair color. According to a professional stylist Hill, women with light blonde hair have limitless highlighting opportunities. Golden and cooler tones are perfect for flaxen blonde hair. They add a natural shine and keep the desired neutral effect.

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