Strawberry Hair Color By Celebrities

Instagram makes it clear that strawberry shade is still the most popular and desirable hair color for all fashionstas. Except popular bloggers celebrities also like to rock strawberry blonde hair color. They do it so differently that you want to adopt all those look at the same time. Smart blondes sometimes use this shade to conceal their gray hair. They can get a strawberry blonde hair a single visit to hair salon while brunettes need some time and efforts. Before transformations check out these strawberry hair color by celebs!Strawberry Hair Color By CelebritiesStrawberry Braided Hairstyle: Blake Lively is always in the center of attention with her new hair colors and looks. Her strawberry blonde hair looks exceptionally beautiful with a single side braid. She stuns everyone with her charming appearance and proves that strawberry is a timeless lovely shade that you can go for when you want to add a warmth and charisma to your appearance.

Strawberry Braided Hairstyle Blake Lively

Strawberry Braided Hairstyle Blake Lively

Strawberry Messy Hairstyle: It seems both elegant and crazy hairstyles look great on strawberry shade. You wanted to have that bed-look effect then get it on this shade like Constance Jablonski and rock the night part. With all messiness, let’s not ignore cute and tender strands which make this hairstyle even softer and cuter. Mess the things up and keep yourself in the center of attention!

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