Rose Gold Hair Color Inspiration

Adding a kiss of rose to your golden hair to liven up your locks! Isn’t this a great idea for the big fans of golden shades? Rose gold isn’t only for jewelry. Not it’s also a stunning hair color with a pastel effect in. the pink-hued metallic blonde hair color has upgraded our smartphones, Macbooks, iPhones and magazines. Rose gold hair color is having its moment at the latest hair color trends inspiring stylish celebrities like Hilary Duff and Emma Roberts.rose gold hair colors 2017 If you are thinking of a new pastel hair color then you’d better focus on this light coppery hue with golden tints in. this hair color is a perfect choice especially for first-timers when it comes to pastel hair.

rose gold hair color

rose gold hair color

If all you need is just a bit of rose gold effect on your locks you can go for highlights instead of fully dying. According to an experienced colorist Will Francis, from Sally Hershberger Downtown rose gold requires colors to be mixed. Will recommends visiting a salon in order to be provided with the perfect shade. After getting the exact shade of rose gold, you can then go for deep conditioner made special for colored hair.

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