Loveliest Light Blonde Hair Color Ideas

Every hair color has its characteristics and effects, which describe its owner’s character and the way of thinking. Among natural shades, we generally meet blonde, brunette or red hair colors. Women with blonde hair are considered as too feminine and seductive. This hair color has millions of light and dark hues, which go well with this, or that particular complexion. Today we will discover the loveliest light blonde hair color ideas to try this year. If you are in a search of a new light blonde hair color, then stop for a while and have a look at my collection!light blonde hair colors 2017Light Ash Blonde Hair Color

Ash blonde is among natural-looking faded blonde hues, which have a kind of stunning shine in their reflections on hair. Since there are both light and dark ash blondes you are supposed to keep it as natural as possible according to your complexions. As for the light ash blonde, it best goes with light and pale complexions and looks perfect with light blue and green eyes.Light Ash Blonde Hair Color 2016 2017

Platinum/White Blonde Hair Color

Platinum blonde or the so-called white blonde is the lightest blonde hair color ever. Today it is more than popular due to its fascinating shine and softness. Even black and tanned skinned ladies get captured by the ethereal and angelic platinum blonde hues. Luckily, it suits both dark and light complexions, but before dying hair, one should pay special attention to her haircut.platinum blonde hair color 2016Light Golden Blonde Hair Color

If the shiny and stunning honey blonde has dark hues, golden blonde is able to provide you with a light glossy hue. Light golden blonde is between the most requested hair colors, as it is not only eye-catching but also makes hair so healthy-looking. Light golden blonde best goes with light to medium skin tones and looks nice both with light and brown eyes.light golden blonde hair color 2016Swedish Blonde Hair Color

Another light and lovely light blonde hair color is the modern Swedish blonde. However, it is not so popular but women prefer it due to its natural and subtle effect. It seems as if you have naturally baby blonde hair color, which tends to look as sophisticated as possible. Even messy hairstyles look amazing in Swedish blonde shade. Before dying you hair in this hair color keep in mind that it best goes with pale complexions and compliments light eyes.Swedish Blonde Hair Color 2017Light Flaxen Blonde Hair Color

Also called just light, flaxen blonde is a fantastic hair color for women who avoid the whiteness of the platinum blonde and the too glossiness of the golden shade. This is something in between that provides you with a cute light hair color and frames your face so beautifully. Flaxen blonde best goes with light to medium complexions and makes eyes pop out daintily.flaxen blonde hair color 2016 2017

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