Latest Short Hairstyles in Blonde Hair Colors

Short blonde bob and pixie haircuts have always been requested in salons. These are the biggest hair color and hairstyle combinations that women seek for. The secret is hidden behind the softness and feminine touch of the final result. Since there are thousands of short haircut ideas for this or that particular season, we have collected the best examples of short haircuts in blonde hair colors. You are going to welcome the latest choppy, asymmetrical, undercut and many other trendy short haircuts softened with blonde shades.short blonde hairstyles 2017Short Platinum Blonde Pixie Haircut

The first is a simple pixie haircut in a monotone blonde hair color. This is the easiest solution when you want to add a soft touch to your boyish haircut. The only thing you need to consider is your skin tone and eye hues. However, platinum blonde goes well with most skin tones and finds its harmonious matching even with dark complexions. This is the case when you don’t need to worry about the final effect. It’s going to be amazing by all means.platinum blonde pixie 2017Blonde Undercut Pixie Hairstyle

Compared with many short haircuts undercuts are considered as the harshest styles for girls. They bring the masculine touch with them but we know how to break it down and replace with delicate femininity. We just dye our short undercuts in light baby blonde hair colors. You can make your choice between buttery blonde, yellowish platinum blonde and natural-looking flaxen blonde shades. You don’t need to go for too bright, sun-kissed and shiny blonde hues to get this lovely effect.

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