Latest Hair Ombre Ideas for 2017

Modern hair ombre is all about embracing your natural texture and adding an extra glow to your strands. Brunettes look super flattering in sombre with less drastic change of color while blondes with cool skin complexion seem extremely charming with natural beige and silvery shades. The choice of ombre is based on your skin undertone. Females with cooler skin complexions should consider icy brown and cool chestnut while redheads with warm skin tones look pretty in peachy and ombre shades.  Ombre is great idea for those, who want to go from dark to light shades! Now let’s see some photos of the latest hair ombre ideas for 2017.   Latest Hair Ombre Ideas for 2017Icy Purple Ombre

If you are looking for something unique and a bit bold this is a great place to start. To achieve a sumptuous look and head turning look your colorist will need to mix purple with soft washed lilac and get this current fresh look. In case if you are looking for a low maintenance colors you should skip this design since like many unnatural shades lilac also fades quickly. If you choose it you will need to visit hair salons pretty often.Icy Purple OmbreAuburn Ombre

If you find you long locks pretty dull and plain then consider this style. The razored layers give some shape and structure to the strands. Red and black combination will provide you with an edgy yet sexy look. However it will get a sophisticated look based on the shades you are using. To finish the look give your strands gorgeous waves.Auburn OmbreChocolate Ombre

If you are looking for lightening the tips of your strands you can use hair dye instead of going for bleaching sessions. Well, the color is not going to be edgy or drastic but it will create a noticeable difference. This style is flattering for all brunettes out there regardless of the natural texture, skin tone and face shapes.Chocolate OmbreStrawberry Blonde Ombre

It is the most beautiful way to upgrade your blonde strands. Traditional ombre designs have brown or black roots that you can fade from red to blonde as well. Here the pale highlights create a softer contrast with muted red roots. This gorgeous shade of the roots will bring out the bold side in you. It is a style to draw attention and stand out of the crowd.   Strawberry Blonde OmbreSmoke and Silver Ombre

Your ombre can be as creative as you want! However the meaning is still the same-fading from one color to another. In this particular design the smoky grey and silver blue make a stylish combination for a lady looking to upgrade her weirdo with a fresh and trendy hair color solution.Smoke and Silver Ombre

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