Incredible Blonde Hair Colors to Wear in 2018

You can keep it warm but don’t try to go too warm as it may wash you out. Beige blonde comes in various versions so it will be better to show the picture to your hair colorist and ask for the same look. Don’t forget to consider your skin tone. Silver Blonde Hair Color 

This bold and fierce shade of blonde works best on light skin tones and light blue or green eyes. The color allows you to play up with shades for a unique combo. You can add a warm honey throughout it to add a youthful touch. The color is highly popular among celebrities so you can get it and impress people surrounding you. Dirty Blonde Hair Color 

Dirty blonde s commonly known shade of blonde that works great for brunettes too. Blonde and brunette tones paired together create a dirty blonde hair look. Those with brown eyes and medium skin tone shouldn’t think twice before adopting the shade. So, go ahead and get a unique shade of blonde that is easy to maintain. 

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