Hottest Hollywood Stars in Strawberry Blonde Hair Colors

Not all strawberry blonde-haired women are stunning. Some fail and some succeed with this shade. that’s why we have collected the most inspiring examples of strawberry blonde hair colors for your next makeover. These Hollywood stars certainly know how to wear strawberry blonde to look so natural and sophisticated. You need to follow their tricks and copy the matching hairstyles to display your beautiful shade.strawberry blonde hair colors 2017Blake Lively Strawberry Blonde Hair Color

AKA Hollywood’s Hair Queen is known as one of the most beautiful strawberry blonde celebrities. This stunning gossip girls has captured many hearts with her bright and girlish hairstyles. She is a perfect strawberry blonde inspiration for you. Copy Blake Lively’s hair shade if you have medium complexion with warm undertones. Style your long mane into loose wavy, messy braided and cute updo hairstyles.Blake Lively strawberry blonde 2017January Jones Strawberry Blonde Hair Color

The most interesting fact about January Jones’s hair is that once she goes for strawberry blonde shade she likes to combine it with sleek and neat updo hairstyles. It seems as if she gives us a kind of serious beauty-skill envy to highlight the shine of strawberry blonde hair. Her bold makeups and subtle facial expression display the charm of her dainty green eyes.January Jones strawberry blonde hair 2017Bella Thorne Strawberry Blonde Hair Color

Bella Thorne rocks strawberry blonde hair color with such a great pleasure that everyone wants to pull off a bright blonde hue as the ultimate hair trend. She masters it by adding light and dark mixtures of blonde hair color with the help of highlights. This is her signature hair color that compliments her skin tone and eyes.Bella Thorne strawberry blonde hair 2017Christina Hendricks Strawberry Blonde Hair Color

In spite of the fact that Christina Hendricks is better known with her stunning copper red hair, she is a natural blonde and can pull of any warm blonde hair color she likes. Her pale skin with pinkish undertones allows her to wear the strawberry blonde for any season.Christina Hendricks starwberry blonde hair 2017Mary-Kate Olsen Strawberry Blonde Hair Color

Is it red or is it blonde? Well, it’s the gorgeous strawberry blonde hair color worn by Mary-Kate Olsen. There is nothing more fabulous for this lady than the following strawberry blonde hair color. It works well with her medium skin tone and warm undertones and makes her green eyes pop out. She loves to keep her hair color natural and often styles into loose beach waves and messy hairstyles and ads layers as a means of update.Mary-Kate Olsen strawbery blonde hair 2017

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