Flattering Blonde Hair Colors for 2018

There is a statement that woman with dark skin tones and eyes shouldn’t go for a blonde hair color but celebrities’ ever-changing hair colors prove that this is not a case anymore. Since possibilities are countless, you need to find out that exact blonde shade that complements your complexion. Here I have selected some flattering blonde hair colors for 2018. These samples are for different skin tones and eye colors, so make sure to get something according to your complexion. Yellowish Blonde Hair Color 

This party-girl blonde will definitely make you stand out in the crowd. The color works great for those with medium to dark complexion and outgoing personalities. If you are feeling kind of bold, then it is just the right moment to pull off this fun color. Use the shade to embrace your inner party girl. You can’t go wrong with this sophisticated blonde shade. Honey and Golden Blonde 

Get the role of blonde bombshell with a perfect color combo that features honey and golden tones. With all those dramatic highlights, this look works best on voluminous hair. It is a great solution both for warm and cold months. This hair color flatters an array of skin tones and eye colors. Show this picture to your hair colorist and ask for a style like this. Natural Blonde Hair Color 

If you have naturally light hair, then this shade is definitely for you. Ask your hair colorist for highlights applied throughout the locks. Lighter baby highlights on the front, frame the face creating a fabulous style.

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