Dirty Blonde Hair Color Ideas for 2017

Actually blonde is a pale yellow hair color and combining it with a dirty shade such as brown will create a new blend that is known as dirty blonde. When the colors are put differently the result is also going to be different version of dirty blonde. It is a diverse color option that you can frequently update. You will definitely love this hair color both in winter and summer. Anyway it is perfect for the medium to dark complexions and also works with brown and darker eye colors. This gallery of dirty blonde hair colors for 2017 will help you to make your final decision about it.Dirty Blonde Hair Color Ideas for 2017Dirty Blonde Hair Color

Here the combination of blonde and brown creates an excellent hair color that looks exceptionally gorgeous on shorter strands. This style is dimensional and also pretty attractive. Note that the color is not so light consequently it is not a high-maintenance look. Give your strands some layers to frame your face and add an extra movement through your strands.Short Dirty Blonde Hair ColorDirty Sandy Blonde Hair Color

What about this dirty Sandy blonde hair color? The sandy color will blend the base with highlights and offer you an effortless sunny hairstyle which appears to be stunning with a tanned skin tone. It is a multi-dimensional look that can be created by introducing various highlights into hair. Ask your hairstylist to re-create exactly a look like this.

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