Cool Ice Blonde Hair Colors

Among the trendy bleached blonde hair colors ice blonde has its special place. Who could ever imagine that such alight hair color that makes hair undergo deep bleaching will one day become so requested and popular. It’s the high time for you to discover the subtle and cool ice blonde hair color. Now we can’t remember who was the first to experiment with ice blonde but we can’t forget the best styles worn by Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lawrence, Juliane Hough, Kristen Stewart and even Kim Kardashian who has tanned skin tone. It’s the same platinum blonde hair color that makes hair very tender and blonde hair colors 2017How to Get:

According to professional stylists and hair colorists platinum blonde is not a simple shade to play with. It demands special care and deep bleaching which means that your hair may get damaged. So, be careful and think twice before coloring your hair. Many women claim that after changing their haircut and hair color they start to live differently. There is a kind of truth in this idea as huge changes start with the smallest one.

ice blonde hair color trend 2017

ice blonde hair color trend 2017

So, if you are a natural brunette or brown-haired woman and think of platinum blonde mane then take an example from Kim Kardashian, Rita Ora or darker-skinned and darker-haired celebrities who have e gone for ice blonde. Things are much easier when it comes to naturally blonde haired women. If you have naturally blonde hair color you will easily go for the ice blonde.

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