Best Dirty Blonde Hair Color Ideas

Everyone from Jennifer Lawrence to Cara Delevingne is experimenting with dark or the so-called dirty blonde hair colors for the coming cold season. This warm hair color makes their complexion warmer and keeps it quite eye-catching. It seems as if you have had natural blonde locks and they have become darker with the age. Whether it sounds persuading or not dirty blonde remains a natural-looking shade for women with dark, olive to medium skin tones.dirty blonde hair colors 2017Jennifer Lawrence Dirty Blonde Hair Color

Jennifer Lawrence is a big fan of blonde hair colors but this time she has decided to experiment with a dark shade of blonde. This luscious long haircut with golden hues is sparkling in dirty blonde combination that suits her so much. It brings out her light eye hue.Jennifer Lawrence dirty blonde hair color 2017Cara Delevingne Dirty Blonde Hair Color

It is an incredible shade of dirty blonde with ash-y hues that makes Cara Delevingne so seductive. Having medium skin tone with warm undertones, she knows which shade of dirty blonde best goes with her complexion and light shiny eyes. You might find Cara Delevingne’s dirty blonde hairstyles almost on all covers of hair styling magazines as she is considered as the trendsetter of the latest dark blonde hue.

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