Best Blonde Hair Colors for Your Complexion

Whether blondes have more fun or not, it’s a question up to you. The fact is that both blondes and brunettes are seductive if they take care of their hair color. It goes without saying that redheads rock the world. Well, if you wish to try out a blonde hair color now we’ll discuss the best blonde hair colors and your complexion. Whether you are a natural blonde who wants to embrace her shade or you are turning to lighten up your current hair color, the first step is discovering the right sun-kissed shade for your skin tone and eye hue. In spite of the fact that it’s not an easy task, we are here to give you a piece of advice. So, get ready!blonde hair colors 2017Blonde Hair for Pale Skin with Cool Undertones

Women who have pale skin with cool undertones are recommended to opt for baby blonde, strawberry and golden shades like, for example, Juliane Hough who always wear the right blonde hair colors to create a balance between her hair shade and skin tone. She goes for hues, which warm up her complexion and make it more attractive.Julianne Hough blonde hair 2017Blonde Hair for Pale Skin with Warm Undertones

This skin tone is light but warm at the same time. It allows you to play with platinum, ice and champagne blonde hair colors with yellowish undertones. Take an example from Taylor Swift who has experimented with so many blonde hues. Lately she has dyed her short bob haircut in a platinum blonde. It suits her very much. It neutralizes any natural redness in her complexion.

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