Balayage Hair Colors That Are Huge

The roots are maintained dark for a low-maintenance color combo, even though you have to use  purple shampoos and conditioners to keep things out of fading. Light Kissed Balayage Hair Color 

Blonde balayage highlight give this color a sun-kissed effect. The lighter tips provide with a more natural effect while the chocolate brown base offer depth and dimension. Sun-kissed balayage highlights are never going to be outdated. The advantage of rocking this style is that it complements numerous complexion. Platinum Balayage Highlights

When you have ultra-light hair, you can experiment with every pastel shade out there. Platinum looks great when paired with other tones. Subtle blue and pearl tones have been paired with heavy metal to create a sophisticated hair color. However, your colorist will need to apply the highlights carefully. With this vivid color you will need to use treatments to keep your hair healthy. 

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