2017/2018 White Blonde Hair Colors for Black Skin Tone

Platinum and whitish blonde hair colors are still the hottest shades that provide with the trendiest hairstyles. Instagram beauty bloggers go all over blonde and their subscribers take example from them. With these shades, it is super easy to have a chic appearance. Whether you believe or not, but black people with whitish blonde hair, carry the trend exceptionally well. The striking contrast of black and white, blows our minds, even though pale skinned women also enjoy the trend. Here are 2017/2018 white blonde hair colors for black skin tone.white blonde hair colorsStriking Gray Hair Color

Grey hair color is still fresh and exciting. Day by day this shade gets even more sophisticated look with creative hairstyles. For now, you can go for a full ashy grey hue that complements black skin tone. However, you can keep the roots dark to maintain a fresh appeal and reduce maintenance. Keep in your mind that this style is particularly appealing on warm complexion.striking white blonde hair colorUnexpected White

Choosing from a variety of tones is truly fun. When it comes to your hair color, with pure white hair, you can’t go wrong. Obviously, the color has a striking effect on black skin tone. This white blonde shade gives extra pop to her skin. By the way with a rich hair color like white blonde, you don’t have to worry about styling your tresses.white blonde hair colorChic Ombre

If you are looking for a low-maintenance hair color, the ombre is ideal. The best thing about ombre is that the fade lasts longer than a straight dye job with vivid roots.

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