2017 Wheat Blonde Hair Color Trend

We often speak about golden, honey, dirty and many other popular shades of blonde, but we forget that the rich hair color palette is updated each season and year with new hues and shades such as the wheat blonde hair color for 2017. Recently stylists offer us hair colors closer to baby hair shades or natural hair colors. This tendency grows and becomes more popular all over the world. Women prefer to embrace their natural charm with natural-looking hair colors. So, today we will discuss the trendy wheat blonde hair color to realize what it is, which hues it has and what skin tones look best with it. If you are interested in this cool blonde hair color then keep on reading!wheat blonde hair colors 2017What is it?

What blonde is a mixture of cool and warm tones of blonde, which bring the shade close to ash-y effects. Sometimes you can even notice some silvery, brownish and rich gold tints mingled with the rest of blonde tones. As a result, you get an awesome combination of blonde hues along with light brown shades which go well with many skin tones and remind us of the trendy nude style. 

wheat blonde hair color idea 2017

wheat blonde hair color idea 2017

What is the nude style? It’s the latest trend when stylists provide models with super nude makeup and hair color looks with the help of natural tones and colors closer to the wears skin tone. Instead of bright combinations, you achieve a neutral yet seductive nude tones. The most popular wheat blonde hair colors have platinum, wheat, golden and ash undertones depending on the final hue you choose for your hair.

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