Best Hair Color Ideas for Black Women

People with dark skin usually seek for light hair and lightening ideas for their complexion. Women go for light hair colors in order to draw attention to their stunning complexion as well as to lighten their face a little bit. However, it’s not always a good idea to dye hair in a light shade to look [prettier. There are other trendy hair color ideas for black women that are worthy to try time to time. In order to switch up your look you need to embrace your beauty and not change it colors for black women 2017Dark Ombre Hair Color for Black Women

The first most popular hair color idea that you can use for your dark hair is the dark ombre. It is a combo of dark brown and caramel hues. They provide with more warmth and classic touch. You will feel yourself more stylish and glamorous in this hair color. Just keep the roots in your natural dark hue and lighten up the tips with a brownish hue of caramel.Dark Ombre Hair Color for Black WomenPurple Hair Color for Black Women

While light-skinned ladies and natural blonde-haired women easily go for pastel hair colors, darker-skinned beauties experiment with bright and extravagant hair colors. One of them is the lovely purple hue. It differs from the rest of edgy and bold hair colors with its subtle and neutral tones. You can dye your dark hair in a dark purple hair color and enjoy your unique attractiveness.Purple Hair Color for Black WomenGrey Hair Color for Black Women

Need something lighter and more natural looking? What about grey hair? This trend is on the top lists of most requested shades and is worn both by blondes and brunettes. It goes well with all complexions but requires special care and regular touch ups to look so stunning. You’d better opt for a dark grey hair color to spend less time on updates and care. Besides, dark grey shades work better with dark skin tones. Even the darkest grey hair color can add a cool and light touch to your entire look.Grey Hair Color for Black WomenPlatinum Blonde Hair Color fro Black Women

Special for women who go mad with light blonde hair there is an incredible option called platinum blonde. This light, shiny and eye-catching hair color suits black ladies with short to medium haircuts. It’s not a hue to play with but a deep hair color that demands heavy bleaching. So, be ready for a huge transformation and show us the hotness of your dark skin tone.platinum blonde hair color for black womenRed Hair Color for Black Women

If you look for the right red tint for your dark mane I am here to tell you that the most flattering shade is the burgundy or the so-called Marsala red hair color. It’s a wine-y red for dark complexions and has the desired darkness in it. Due to this darkness, it looks rich and deep. Any black woman in dark red hair is hot and mysterious.Red Hair Color for Black Women

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