Cute Hair Color Ideas for Bold Girls

If you are here, it means you want to shake things up by refreshing your current hair color. There are plenty of ideas to inspire your next hair color makeover. Here I have selected beautiful yet bold hair colors for 2018. Change up your appearance with one of these shades. Note that you need to talk with your hair colorist before rocking any of these tints. Baby Blonde Hair Color 

Prepare yourself for different shades of blonde as all of them are in mainstream. Here is a soft and light shade of blonde is a perfect contrast for your dark winter outfits. It looks radiant next to paler, wintertime complexion. This look requires going for lightening. If you are looking for a true unique look, then this hair color is definitely for you. Just make sure that it works for your complexion. 

Mulled Wine Hair Color

Have you ever thought of drawing your next hair color inspiration from your glass of mulled wine? Perhaps no, but everything- from food to nature, serves a great source of inspiration for hair colorists. When it comes to this shade, it is a mix of deep red and orange-y tones. In fact it complements various skin tones and eye colors. It is a great hue for redheads that are looking for new ways to spice up their current hair look. Go on reading and explore some cool ideas for mulled wine hair colors. Mulled Wine Hair Color 

This hair color will leave everyone breathless and it imitates the best Bordeaux you can ever drink. It has been the hottest trend of winter and the color will be in the center of attention in the upcoming seasons as well. The deep hue is easy to maintain and it is also super affordable. Make sure to show your hair colorist this photo so you can recreate exactly the same look. 

Best Hair Colors for Spring 2018

Spring is already here so you should definitely think of a new hair color makeover. Spring means lighter shades lighter skincare lighter wardrobe and lots of sunny days. Well, according to celebrity hair colorists pale pinks, lavenders and icy tones are going to be the greatest  shades of the season, but of course that doesn’t mean that you have to give up on natural hues. Check these hair colors for spring 2018 and find the color that can be matched with your skin tone and eye color. Pastel Hair Color 

Pastel hair colors are definitely in style. The various pastel hues provide with a Barbie doll look. This lovely shade adds a little blush to the skin. It reminds of a soft pretty eye shadow shade. Apart from having a vivid shade, the haircut is also important. Whether you decide to go for a short crop or ultra-long hairstyle, make sure that it works with you color. Both stick-straight and curly style will bring out the beauty of the color. 

Beautiful Brunette Hair Color Ideas

Brunettes rule the world despite the notion that blondes have all the fun. These classic hues are for everyone around the world. The various sub-tones come to prove that the shade complements every complexion. Several years ago women would definitely define brunette shades monotone and plain, but everything has changed when popular hair colorist created amazing hair highlighting techniques. Now you have an opportunity to get that sun-kissed effect without going too bright. You can experiment with blonde hues without all-over bleach. Check these beautiful brunette hair colors and choose something for next hair color makeover. Walnut Brown and Blonde Tips 

I have already mentioned that you can experiment with blonde hues without giving up on your brunette locks. Here is an amazing option for brunettes. It features a deep walnut brown that transforms into blonde towards the tips. The hues create a huge contrast which makes the look even more impressive. Apart from it, a layered haircut is also catchy. Give this look a try if you want to add a pop of color to your brunette locks. 

Hair Colors for Women with Green Eyes

Green-eyed ladies are always in the center of attention. People surrounding them always throw compliments because of how striking their eye color is. If you have green eyes, you are among the luckiest people. There are countless coloristic solutions that will complement your eye color. However, apart from eyes, you should also take into consideration your skin tone. To help you out, we have selected some gorgeous hair colors for women with green eyes.Green Eyes and Olive Skin Tone

Women with olive skin tend to have golden flecks in it. This makes your eyes and skin perfect for trying various mix of shades. Some of the best shades for this complexion are golden blonde, copper-y based shades, chocolate brown and rich golden brown hues. However, you can try auburn hues as well. Talk with your hair colorist before giving it a try.

Balayage Hair Colors That Are Huge

There is always something to say about balayage highlights. This trend has gone viral. Popular hair colorists provide their clients with the most outstanding balayage hair designs. The advantage of rocking balayage is that it blends colors seamlessly creating a natural looking effect. Luckily this trend is for everyone regardless of hair length, texture, skin tone and eye color. You have countless options to choose from. Below we have put together balayage hair colors that are still huge. Let’s hope that you will get a right dose of inspiration from these pictures. Pearl Balayage Hair Color 

Indeed, pearl balayage hair color is cool and fresh. The color reminds of those peals in the depth of ocean. Like in many hair color designs, here also the dapper root melts into lighter, pearly tips. When it comes to highlights, they are done in two different shade, lighter and darker. They reflect lots of light. This rich hair color will never let you go wrong. So try it for yourself if you want something different. 

Flattering Blonde Hair Colors for 2018

There is a statement that woman with dark skin tones and eyes shouldn’t go for a blonde hair color but celebrities’ ever-changing hair colors prove that this is not a case anymore. Since possibilities are countless, you need to find out that exact blonde shade that complements your complexion. Here I have selected some flattering blonde hair colors for 2018. These samples are for different skin tones and eye colors, so make sure to get something according to your complexion. Yellowish Blonde Hair Color 

This party-girl blonde will definitely make you stand out in the crowd. The color works great for those with medium to dark complexion and outgoing personalities. If you are feeling kind of bold, then it is just the right moment to pull off this fun color. Use the shade to embrace your inner party girl. You can’t go wrong with this sophisticated blonde shade. 

Red Hair Color Obsession

Red hair color comes in countless shades and all of them are fabulous. There is a red hue for every skin tone and eye color. Red can be used either as an all-over color or highlights. Literally everyone can experiment with the shade including those with blonde, black or red hair. If you are confused about your red hair, check these impressive ideas of red hair colors for the best of inspiration. red hair colorsBright Copper Hair Color 

Indeed, bright copper is an intense and vivid shade, that emphasizes one’s nature. Before thinking of a shade like this you need to know who can pull off  the shade. It is the best solution for women with fair, peach-colored or golden-skin tone and hazel or green eyes. If we are talking about a hair color such as bight copper, then you should prepare yourself for extra attention and lots of complements.

Caramel Hair Colors to Blow Minds

Things get a lot easier with caramel shade. This universally appealing tone is a great option both for those that are looking for an all-over hair color and those that just want to enhance their current locks with sophisticated caramel highlights. The contrast between caramel highlights and brown roots is simple outstanding, but that doesn’t mean that it wouldn’t look great with blonde shades. Regardless of your existing hair hue, check these caramel hair colors and think of an update. Curly Hair with Subtle Balayage Hair Colors 

Caramel balayage highlights are subtle and feminine. They may provide you with your desired sun-kissed locks. If the bold shades are not your cup of tea, then you should consider caramel balayage highlights. I assure you, they may radically change up your entire appearance. The best thing is that it is both low-maintenance and sophisticated. Style your locks in waves to bring out the shades. 

Biggest Hair Color Transformation

Celebrities’ ever changing hair colors are still in the center of our attention. We try to keep an eye on celebs’ latest looks and impress you with brand-new ideas. They don’t think twice before painting their locks blonde from brown or the opposite. Scroll down to see starlets’ biggest hair color transformations done recently. I am pretty sure that after watching these pictures you will also want to change your entire look. Prepare yourself for the biggest commitment. hair colorsSelena Gomez Blonde Hair Color 

Some of Selena Gomez’s fans still don’t believe that she is blonde. Seeing Selena as a blonde has been quite unexpected. Trying an extreme hair color from time to time is must for not getting bored. Thus, everyone will admit that this shade looks just great on her. It complements her dark eyes and medium skin tone. Note that the popped up roots add extra charm to the style. If you love changes, then don’t hesitate to recreate this look.